Hardening Two

Second Open Day about enforcing Linux security

Your OS is weak... but maybe you don't know it!

June 13, 2016 @ 11.00 am
Department of Mathematics and IT, University of Catania

Thank you!

Thank you!

You were awesome, thank you for being part of that day. It was truly fun!
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Why hardening?

0-Day exploits and treats you don't know yet harm your computer and servers.

Hardening tools have been out in the wild for some time but they're now gaining more attention.
Creating and managing policies that lets your programs do only what they were designed for, prevents many attacks and exploitation likely to be unknown. At work, in local networks and online no more excuses.
It's time to harden.


SELinux - Tomoyo - App armor - GrSecurity

That's how we called these four hardening tools we'll be using and compare during the live demos.
It has been some time since they appeared in the security scene and IT people, especially sys admins, should be aware of them.
That's why we're going to show them to you live.

The STAG hunt has already started, so it's better for you to jump in!

Event outline


Pietro Tirenna

Computer Engineering student, University of Catania

Passionate student, excited about pentesting and hacking in all of its forms.

Francesco Pira

Computer Engineering student, University of Catania

Startupper and web developer curious about computer security and new tech.

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